Syphon Recorder

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  • Fix issue recording audio on older macOS versions.


  • Add support for macOS Catalina.
  • Add support for H.264 video.
  • Add support for Apple Lossless audio.
  • Remove support for the Sheer codecs.


  • Fix an issue which could cause checks for new versions to fail.


  • Fix reliability issues affecting MacOS 10.11 El Capitan.

Beta 13

  • Add support for recording mono audio from mono devices.
  • Add support for recording more than two audio channels when devices support it.
  • Fix issues recording AAC from some audio hardware.

Beta 12

  • Fix an issue which caused low frame-rates on MacOS Mavericks if the app was off-screen.

Beta 11

  • Fix an issue which caused corrupted sound to be recorded from some third-party hardware.
  • Fix an issue which caused unexpected behaviour when using some third-party audio hardware.

Beta 10

  • If a recording is unexpectedly ended an attempt will be made to recover it when recovery becomes possible.
  • Remove support for the Motion JPEG B codec. If you were previously using this codec, Photo-JPEG will be selected instead.
  • Fix an issue which caused some recordings to exhibit a color-shift when viewed in some applications.
  • Fix an issue which caused unexpected file names to be used occasionally.
  • Add support for Retina displays.

Beta 9

  • Fix an issue which caused a slight color-shift in recordings.
  • Add support for the Photo-JPEG codec.
  • Improve image quality when recorded dimensions exactly match the source.

Beta 8

  • Add support for recording AAC audio.
  • Improve audio/video synchronization.
  • Fix an issue with handling some unusual Syphon servers.

Beta 7

  • Fix a crash which could occur if you recorded a still image as a movie with an audio track. Thanks to Adam Fenn for reporting this.
  • Fix a memory leak.

Beta 6

  • Bug fixes
  • Interface tweaks

Beta 5

  • Append date and time to saved recordings and snapshots
  • Fix a problem which arose if you took a lot of snapshots in quick succession

Beta 4

  • Add support for Apple ProRes 4444 codec (requires Final Cut Studio be installed)
  • Add support for Sheer codecs (
  • Add preference to ignore the alpha channel for codecs which support it
  • Improve performance and reliability

Beta 3

  • Changes to avoid a bug in MacOS X 10.6.7 which prevented sound ever being recorded.

Beta 2

  • Add support for Apple ProRes 422 codecs (requires Final Cut Studio be installed)
  • Fix issue where movies were unplayable if the app quit while recording
  • Create a playable movie even if a disk becomes full while recording
  • Improve recovery and reporting associated with other less common errors

Beta 1

  • Initial Public Beta